VIP membership

1.What is the membership points system?
Our membership program provides offers exclusive access, benefits and privileges to our most loyal customers. Earn and redeem points for every dollar you spend in our stores and enjoy an increasing array of services the more you shop.

2.What can I redeem with my Rewards Points?
Registered member = 100 points;
spend 1 US dollar = 10 points;
2000 points = free gifts
The rewards for different points are different, please pay attention to our website for details.

3.Will there be instances wherein my Rewards Points will be forfeited?
Points can be accumulated, and the validity period is at least 1 year, that is, from the start of the acquisition to the end of the next year, they will be automatically invalidated after the expiry date (if the transaction is refunded within the validity period of the used points, this part of the points will not be counted)

Points cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be transferred.