How To Choose The Grass Mat For Your Dog?

How To Choose The Grass Mat For Your Dog?

When potty training a dog, or designating an area that they need to go to the bathroom at, there are several things to take into consideration. For starter’s, you have to find the actual location. Where do you want them to go to the bathroom? It can’t be anywhere where there’s a lot of foot traffic. Special turf is one of the best things to use for making a bathroom location for your dog.

There are all kinds of benefits to using patches of grass for dogs to go to the bathroom on. Urine resistant grass is incredibly efficient because it prevents urine from soaking in and ruining the grass.

What Is a Grass Mat

A grass mat is a turf which is a substitute for regular grass. It’s mostly plastic, but they can be made from real grass, rubber and some other materials as well. A majority of us are already familiar with them since most sporting fields make use of them rather than natural grass since it is cheap and very easy to maintain. 

They usually have a firm and flexible base where synthetic fibers are attached providing the look as well as the feel of natural grass without the stationary quality and maintenance. 

Benefits of Using Grass Mats

The most obvious benefit is low maintenance. Even a small lawn requires attention and care and maintenance can be time-consuming.

If you still want a real grass in your backyard, you might consider buying a real grass mat of the adequate type. However, you should really think about buying a fake one, especially a plastic type, since the list of benefits is long.



          Loobani Dog Grass Pee Pad

RAPID FLOW DRAINAGE: Constructed with a highly-drainable backing material to maximize draining capacity, with drainage holes to help urine and clear water wee away quickly, and the porous grass avoids wet paws after the dog use- Avoid any mess for potty time.

LOW MAINTENANCE: Stop worrying about mowing and using special treatments to keep your dog’s lawn alive and healthy. This artificial green lawn allows you to sit back and relax without having to work on it every week! It’s all about efficiency and taking the workload off your shoulders.

EASY TO CLEAN & NO SMELL: No assembly, settings are instant, fast and simple, reusable. Easy to clean, wash with soap and warm water in under 10 minutes and let it dry out. The mat comes with special agents built into the backing and the yarn—which helps to minimize odors and prevent the growth of toxins.

PERFECT FOR INDOOR OR OUTDOOR: use indoor, porches, patios, balconies, backyard, apartment, pet carriage etc, portable and weatherproof, make you and your furry friend’s life more easier.


DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Patch is 100% real grass without any extra chemicals added for preservation. The grass comes in a package, pre-watered and ready to start potty training. 




While looking for great indoor bathroom solutions for dogs, we came across the Loobani Grass mat. It has all kinds of unique, new technology that makes it so much easier for you to potty train your dog and forget about the mess.

3-Layered Technology

This artificial plant grass pad uses its unique 3-layered system to make your life a hundred times easy when it comes to taking care of your dog. The first layer is odor-resistant for all the potty messes that we all have to deal with.

The second layer is a drainage area that you can remove to immediately get rid of the urine as soon as it happens. Instead of letting it sit around and smell, you can remove it and dispose of the issue.

The third layer is a strong, durable grip base that allows you dog to quickly move around the potty pad without moving it around and causing a big mess.

Pros and Cons of Using Artificial Grass Mats

Despite being a great alternative for natural grass due to the low cost of installation and maintenance, artificial grass paddings have their own shortcomings. 


No Watering

With natural lawns, regular watering is a must if you are to keep your grass looking green and healthy. With grass pads, watering is a thing of the past and the only time your mats can touch water is when you are cleaning them which happens once in a while. 

Since there is no watering required, your water bills are likely to reduce unlike when you have to leave sprinklers on all night. 


Generally, artificial grass mats are made of non-toxic materials and at the same time, don’t require you to use weed killers, fertilizers or even pesticides. As such, they are safer for pets and kids than natural grass which is one of the reasons most homeowners prefer them. 

Little Maintenance

Besides not requiring any fertilizers or pesticides, artificial lawns don’t need to be watered or mowed forcing you to buy sharp and strong lawn mower blades. The only maintenance required is occasional cleaning. 

No More Worrying About Weeds

If you have a natural lawn, you know that one of the major challenges that you always have to deal with is weeds. Weed control takes not only money but energy on your part as well.

With artificial grass, you never have to worry about getting rid of any weeds. Once in a while, you may be forced to remove a few, but they don’t grow as much like when you have natural grass.