PadGrips are simple, safe and comfortable solution to prevent

your senior dog from slipping on hardwood, tile and other slippery surfaces.

PadGrips were designed for slipping senior, arthritic, and special needs dogs who struggle on slippery floors.


Just like to apply Band-Aids to fingers. Remove the backing and adhere to the paw pad.


Made out of flexible texture with non slip material. Using medical-grade adhesive which is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. 

No Irritation

PadGrips are flexible and soft, which will not damage the surface or themselives.  And most dogs tolerate PadGrips very well and do not seem to even notice them.

PadGrips “Before & After” clips

What They Said

our 11-year-old goldendoodle has been slipping on our hardwood floors and boat cockpit. I put them on her Sunday morning. It's now Tuesday and they're still strongly adhering, even with her going outside multiple times a day. She's even gotten enough confidence back to jump up on her hind legs to greet me and to roughhouse in the backyard. 
WOW! Our corgi Tally is 13-years old and has arthritis and possibly degenerative myelopathy. Simply stated, his back legs and hips really don't work well anymore.He has a new lease on life now with these pads! Give these a try if your pup is having trouble walking on slick floors! Great product.
My 14-year-old Lab/Chow mix was beginning to have real difficulty getting up from our hardwood floors. After a couple of weeks of wearing them, Bear seems to know that they help him, so he gives me absolutely no trouble about putting them on. They are easy to put on. All in all, they are worth every penny to help my sweet old dog get around again.

LOOBANI PadGrips Testimonial From Deanna

Loobani Padgrips Anti slip paw protectors

Our Story with PadGrips

Moving around is important for any dog. But we began to notice that as our dogs began to age, and their legs lost some of their youthful strength and their paws no longer supported them the way they needed them to. As a result, they had troubles walking on slick surfaces like our hardwood and tile floors, preventing them from playing the way they once did. 

We knew there had to be a better way, and we dedicated ourselves to finding a solution to this problem affecting aging dogs. Our dogs deserve our best, and we remained committed to making their lives easier. Through careful research and experimentation, we created PadGrips.

Anti-Slip, Walk Assistants For Your Furry Friends

Our safe, non-intrusive PadGrips make it easy for any dog to walk on any hard surfaces without slipping. Unlike dog socks and boots, your dog will hardly notice it's there at all. And best of all, PadGrips allow your pups to hang out in the kitchen again and even chase their toys around the wooden floors. They've never been happier.

Join us today. Change your dog's life.

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